The Quilpo Collection

The Quilpo (pronounced KIL-po) chair is a stunning piece that’s also a pleasure to relax in. It’s now the keystone of a complete line of ergonomic and organic furniture.

Handmade with care and pride by American furniture craftsman Dan Bursztyn.

Midcentury Modern

~ with a Latin Flair

The Quilpo line is rooted in the American Studio Furniture Movement and European Mid-Century Modernism. It’s a collection of original pieces, destined to be classics. 

Quilpo Leather Lounge Chair and Ottoman set 

Wedged Tennon

This distinctive  joint makes for a solid chair that’s surprisingly light and easily moved and disassembled.

The wedged tennon is one of the oldest woodworking techniques. Beautiful in it’s strength and simplicity, I’ve made it a stand-out focal point of the piece. 

Leather Sling

Full-grain grass-fed Argentine saddle leather cut unusually thick. One continuous leather sling eliminates pressure points. The frame flexes as you settle in.

I’ve never seen a single continuous sling this large used in furniture. I sort through hundreds of samples to find the select few.

Zoita Wood

The structure of the Quilpo line rests on the strength and elasticity of the Zoita wood, a dense and honey colored hardwood from the north of Argentina. 

The resilient hand-rubbed oil finish brings out a deep and satisfying lustre in harmony with the saddle leather seats.

Hand signed

Made one at a time with pride and care. These are unique and outstanding pieces both classic and fresh.

The Quilpo collection is a project that I am passionate about. It’s the culmination of hundreds of hours of sketching, modeling and prototyping.


The Quilpo coffee table stands lightly with its tapered and curved legs supporting a polished elliptical top.

Quilpo Coffee Table 


The Quilpo dining table is a solid and elegant presence… with a swagger.

The hand-rubbed oil finish is both silky and durable; it works in a formal setting and as the everyday family base.  – Either way, it feels like home.

Quilpo Dining Table 

Twisted Bevel

I love this: Run your palm over the table’s edge. The bevel twists along its length, reversing its angle as it goes. 

Low Back

Unusually long legs are an attractive feature of the Quilpo low back Chair. Light, comfortable and beautiful from every angle. 

In Spanish, “Sobre-mesa” means: sitting around the table for some conversation after eating. The low back is GREAT for this!

Quilpo Low Back Chair 


The Quilpo bench shares its geometry with the Dining table, it’s a great companion piece that also works well as a stand alone in the entrance or hallway.

Quilpo Bench 

Occasional Table

Great as a side table or a hinge point between reading chairs. 

Quilpo Occasional Table 


Polished wood frame, high quality upholstery and perfect geometry.

It’s a sharp 3-seater with a beautiful leather strap back – great for dividing a large space.

Quilpo Sofa 

Flat-Pack Quilpo Leather Sling Chair

Free Shipping

The Quilpo Collection of furniture is designed to be flat packed for easy shipping, and delivered right to your door, anywhere in the world. 


No artificial ingredients: Domestic hardwood, grass-fed saddle leather, volatiles-free penetrating-oil finishes. | My home and studio are heated by the sun (and wood off-cuts in the woodstove on cloudy days). | Wood chips from the planer are used in the vegetable garden, in the chicken coop and for composting. | The studio produces less than 5 gallons of waste per week. | Flat-pack shipping reduces the carbon footprint of these pieces exponentially.

I am inspired by a Buddhist concept of sustainability: the object must be made to last as long as it took the tree to provide the wood being used; a tree may live more than 100 years. My furniture is designed and built for longevity, like a tree, respectful of its roots and fostering a sustainable environment.


Call or email me for orders.  Shipping is free anywhere in the world. All pieces are made-to-order.  Table dimensions and chair heights can be customized, and I’d be happy to inscribe a dedication on the underside!